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1. The tax system in India mainly, is a three tier system which is based between the Central, State Governments and the local government organizations. India has a well-developed tax structure with clearly separated authority between Central and State Governments and local bodies. Central Government levies taxes on income, customs duties, central excise and service tax.

Some of the prominent taxes that came into existence were:

Business Profits Tax (1947)

Capital Gains (1946-48 to 1956)

Estate Duty (1953)

Wealth Tax (1957)

Expenditure Tax (1957)

Gift Tax (1958)

2. Kunal Jain & Associates taxation services are based on innovative tax efficient strategies. We offer effective tax management, tax structuring and advisory services.

Taxation presents arguably the most dynamic and complex challenge in the context of financial planning.

Ever changing legislation and rules are matched only by the new methods devised to make the discharging of tax liabilities as efficient as possible.When it comes to tax planning and strategy, every case is unique. Our approach remains versatile with an awareness that individual issues must be dealt with on their own merits but with the overall, long-term considerations always in mind.

Whether you are the tax director of a multi-national group, an owner manager, an individual setting up a trust or in receipt of a trust income, an employee or a Public Benefit Organization, we make sure you don't pay more tax than is necessary and that your activities remain tax efficient. We also value the importance of relationships, especially over the long-term. Getting to know your needs over time means we will become more knowledgeable of your affairs and can react proactively to changing tax requirements in line with your own special circumstances.

We provide the high expertise service in the area of taxation which includes

• Permanent account number (PAN) as per Indian Income Tax act.

• Filing of Income Tax returns on behalf of foreign corporate.

• Application for exemption from TDS for and on behalf of foreign corporates.

• Representaion of foreign corporates, Firms, Individuals before Income tax authorities.

• Registration of Indian Subsidiary, Branch, Representative office, Project office India.

• Business set up services in India.

• All statutory permissions, licenses, and registration in India.

Direct Taxes

• Tax Planing, Corporate, Non-corporate, Individuals

• Appellate and legal matters

• Registration of Charitable Trust / Obtaining 80G & 12 A with Income tax Authorities

• Capital Gain Analysis and Tax Planning.

• Tax implications & planning for Investing in Residential House.

• Succession and gift planning.

• Tax-planning related to a child's income.

• Computation of relief of arrears of salary u/s 89 of Income Tax Act, 1961.

Indirect Taxation

We provide the services of Vat, Central Excise, Service Tax, Sales Tax, Cst, Customs,

• Registrations & Renewals

• Filings & Compliances

• Consultancy (Consultancy service includes proving assistance in compliance procedure of the Act, and getting tax benefits)

• Handling Litigation / Legal matters

(Litigation service includes strategy , planning , preparation of appeal and filing of appeal before high authority)

• Assessment

• Tax Planning with respect to applicability of tax, effect of various notifications & clarifications.

Employees Taxation

• Advisory services for Maximizing deductions / rebates / exemptions under the tax laws;

• Personal Investment strategy for optimum tax efficiency;

• Salary structuring to maximize tax benefits;

• Filing of employees Income Tax returns; we assist corporate in filing income tax return of their employees in group, Tax planning is important specially when employees become resident in two or more countries due to employment reason.

• Representation before tax authorities

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